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VITL - Virus Immunology Testing Laboratory

The Process

Providing real time patient VITaLs on site is critical in improving a makeshift hospital’s medical response time in treating highly dependent patients. Significant improvement in patients' condition has been seen where such early information is made available. Pandemics like SARS COV-2 call for even shorter response times. This requirement compelled Klenzaids to Design & Build a containerized BSL 3 laboratory for Virus Immunology Testing called ‘VITL’. Klenzaids Design & Build team have an established process to build containerized & mobile biocontainment laboratories at an accelerated pace to such hospitals, institutes & government sites.

The Laboratory consists of following equipment:
  • Biochemistry analyzer
  • ABG analyzer
  • Hematology system
  • Coagulometer
  • Immunoassay analyzer
  • Mini distilled water apparatus
  • Tabletop refrigerated centrifuge
  • BioKlenz® Class II A2 biosafety cabinet with KlenzPort Passbox
  • KlenzVAP H2O2 biodecontamination system

The Laboratory consists of the following spaces:
  • Sample receiving area with material transfer pass box
  • Handwashing & Donning/Doffing zone
  • Designated area for Biosafety cabinet and sample handling
  • Designated Laboratory suite for the scientific equipment and data processing.
  • Space for handling biomedical waste

The Product

  • Measurement of Patient Vitals like: D-dimer, IL6, CRP, LFT, KFT & many more
  • Access control system for Biosecurity
  • Negative pressure BSL 3
  • Onboard HVAC
  • Exhaust HEPA Filtration
  • Biological liquid effluent decontamination BLED
  • Decontamination with vaporised H2O2
  • Fully automated Pressure Management
  • 4 – 5 Pathologists can easily work on shift basis
  • Transported by standard container trucks to any location including rural centers and varying altitudes
  • Low KW power requirement at sites. Generator can be provided for areas where power is challenging
  • Field deployable in any condition
  • Set up time at site less than 24 hours
  • BioKlenz® Biosafety cabinet class II A2
  • Klenzport UV Pass box for material transfers
  • Klenzport Biosecure Bag out system

    Value adds:
  • Turnkey execution with Design, Build, Supply, Installation, Testing & Certification
  • Fully Integrated with lab testing equipment
  • Provision for a double door autoclave
  • HMI system with controls for Laboratory parameters (Pressure, Temperature & RH)

The Gallery

3D isometric view of VITL
Elevation view of VITL
Plan view of VITL
VITL installation at BKC Jumbo COVID Hospital, Mumbai
VITL installation at BKC Jumbo COVID Hospital, Mumbai
Interior view of VITL installed at BKC Jumbo COVID Hospital, Mumbai

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